The Future of RPCLIF

Nick posted Dec 10, 18

Greetings roleplayers!

We’d like to take a moment to begin a serious conversation about the state and future of this server. We, the GM team, are not satisfied with the current state of the server and from what we’ve seen in discord and on the forums, neither are you. The server has deteriorated to a point which is not conducive to good roleplay or player experience. We recognize that it’s state is in no small part due to the instability and lack of coordination on the GM team. We can confidently say we’ve rectified our internal problems, and we are determined to ensure that RPCLiF resurges and enters a new era.

    Going forward, our priority is to completely restore and rebuild RPCLiF from the ground up, while still maintaining the essence of what made RPCLiF great in the first place. We will be focusing our entire team’s energy into this endeavour. This means, we will not be starting up any storylines for the continued timeline of Danesh, but will of course still be available for reports and bug fixes. We encourage players to still enjoy their time in Danesh by continuing their own stories.

    That being said, the coming iteration will be executed to the standard that we wish to set for ourselves going forward. What you can expect is the following:

  1. An Engaging and Active Storyline.
  2. Weekly Storyline Events.
  3. Random RP Events and Encounters.
  4. Weekly Market Days.
  5. Reworked Features & Systems (such as the War System).
  6. Reworked Rules.
  7. Website Overhaul.
  8. Most Importantly, better Communication from the GM Team to you.

    The purpose of these changes is to provide an overall more enjoyable experience on RPCLIF. We will be rolling out these changes to prepare a strong foundation for our next iteration, which will arrive around the second week in January. We hope to involve community suggestions, feedback, and discussions along each step in order to ensure that we produce the RPCLiF you want to be a part of. Keep an eye out on discord and the forums as we’ll be communicating our progress and asking for input from the community. As of this announcement we will be creating an AMA channel on the RPCLiF discord (#gm-ama) where you can literally ask us anything you’d like.

    We thank you for your patience, we know that without you we would not be here. We are proud to say that after our GM meeting there is no doubt in our minds that we have reached a whole new level of energy in resurging RPCLiF and taking it into a new era with you at our sides.

Summer is Coming

Lulu posted Nov 10, 18

The settlers of Danesh had all but survived their first “winter” - for it was nothing like they knew from their homelands, and seemed surprisingly easy. Here there was no snow, nor frost to hinder and wither their crops, and the lands seemed to stand even more lush than ever in these last many months. When spring came the settlers once more had to realize that they knew nothing of the lands, they had chosen to inhabit.


As May slowly passed, moving into the months of summer, it was evident that the weather grew even warmer, once more, the days became longer and far more scorching under the clear skies. However, the natives of the land knew of a quite different story about to unfold, they knew the summer was coming, and this did not bode well for their crops. As by the watchful and giving eye of Animath, the sun would burn almost constantly, clearing the lands of it’s waste, before a new fruitful and bountiful rain season began.

OOC: This is a warning that you can expect the late summer months on this iteration to be futile in terms of crops.

Time to set sail....

Lulu posted Oct 10, 18

As the Gods fell deadly silent, the actions of the adventurous few suddenly affected at a far greater span than first anticipated. The old ancient Temple of Wyrmrokk stood completely deserted and barren - nothing but an empty remnant of a once glorious era. In the meanwhile rumours spread like wildfire - a gigantic and misty figure had been unleashed from the depth of the volcano mountain, only to be known as The All-Father. Who was this ancient being? Was he somehow part in the silence of the Gods?

The tremblings and malicious smoke of the awakened volcano made many of the settlers fear for their lives, and they fled the island in disbelief of what was happening around them. Whole towns were left barren on a days notice, people hurrying off the island with tremendous speed -  some even desperate enough to sell all their belongings in exchange for a simple return ticket to safer lands.

Not all have abandoned hope in locating the Ancient Relic, even with the Amulet of Terras being lost in the Volcano. Voelva, the Priestess, has with new evidence set her search towards even more distant and unexplored lands in the far south-eastern seas - a completely unchartered part of the world. With support of the Holy Church of the Divine Nine and Arendor itself, she has gathered the support and means to lead both new, as old adventurers, and templars to this place - but of course people of all sorts has followed in the expeditions wake.

So now comes the question - who are you in this grand scheme? Are you here to investigate the silence of our beloved Gods on behalf of the Church & Voelva? Or perhaps the advertisement in Arendor, of unexplored lands has caught your interest? Or are you a simple native bystander within this dry and exotic landscape? Only time will tell, but join us in this Quest towards the formerly unknown, mysterious, and exotic southern land, now called Danesh.

Iteration Launch Saturday the 13th of October at 18:00 UTC. 

It will not only bring a clean and fresh map for everyone to start on - but you will also be able to notice a change in our core features. Here's a few spoilers.

Dependant on your character's background - our Discord will feature several Roleplay Text Channels, where players can get to know each other during their long sail here, or their travels in this dry and exotic land. These will only be available until 1 week after the Launch.

The Guild Title System will be replaced with a Customizeable Player Faction System.

Coins will be re-implemented as a simple resource for trade - "Market Days" will continue, but will be held in new locations each week, and will host more random trader events. You will also be meeting a revamped War System, amongst other changes!

Stay tuned on our Discord to get more announcements regarding the following iteration - and the new fun things that's coming to RPCLiF!