Ninth Market Day of Bazhu

Nick posted Jul 7, 18

*A ship under the banner of the Golden Compass Eastern Trade Company slowly approaches the dock of Iruka.*

The Market of Iruka is open once again!  Bring your finest wares for trade and make your claim on the island of Bazhu!

Guild Export List:

Item Coin
Linen Cloth 5
Silk Cloth 20
Thick leather 8
Thin leather 3
Simple Clothing 20
Horse 60
Gold Ingot 30
Silver Ingot 20
Copper Ingot 10
Iron bar 4
Iron ingot 8
Bardiche 17
Broad Axe 15
Claymore 20
Novice Plate Set 40
Regular Plate Set 55
Novice Leather Set 30
Regular Leather set 50
Novice Padded Set 15
Regular Padded Set 30
Novice Scale Set 35
Regular Scale Set 45
Novice Chain Set 35
Regular Chain Set 42
Heavy Chain Piece 30
Heavy Leather Piece 25
Heavy Scale Piece 30
Heavy Plate Piece 50
1 handed swords 15
1 handed axes 10
Regular Shields 10
Metal tools 10
Primitive Shields 5
Warhorse 75
Hardy Warhorse 95

Individual Export List:

Item Coin
Silver Bar 11
Copper Bar 1
Iron Bar 2
Flux 1
Naphtha 1
Thick Leather 8
Thin Leather 3
Silk Hanks 3.5
Wool Hanks 4
Mallet 6
Metal Hatchet 12
Metal Knife 7
Metal Pick 12
Metal Saw 10
Metal Shovel 10
Metal Sickle 7
Metal Tong 9
Cooking Pot 2
Shortbow 25
Vegetables (Batch of 10) 2

**Due to excessive quanties of arrows being shipped off Bazhu, the markets have been over-saturated with them, therefore the Sheng-Chan Emporium and Golden Compass cannot accept any more arrows until further notice.**

Be aware of the Export Limits maintained in a agreement coalition between the Golden Compass and Sheng-Chan Emporium:

Registered Guilds can export for 200 silver coins worth.*

Masters can export for 400 silver coins worth.

Barons can export for 700 silver coins worth.

Counts can export for 1000 silver coins worth.

Individuals may export for up to 20 coins every Market unlimited by Guild caps, using the secondary list.

* Requires screenshot of Guild Monument + Member List that exceeds 1 member.

Market shall take place Sunday (tomorrow) at 19:00 UTC (21:00 CEST) in Port Iruka.