The merchant and his soldiers

A ship has docked itself at the port of Seagaard. First, a few soldiers set foot on the docks, followed by a rather overweight merchant. As he tries to get on the dock, he slips and falls face first on the dock. Afterwards he needed help from his guards to get him up. He finds his way to the board situated at the market area and posts his export list. The export list only contains tools as he needs them for a big project in some distant land. Afterwards, he went into the great hall, ordered a big fat steak and drank beer until he passed out. Hopefully he will be able to buy the goods tomorrow!

Guild Export List:

Items: Coin: 
Shovel 4
Blacksmith's Hammer 4
Sickle 2
Pickaxe 6
Saw 4
Hatchet 6
Mallet 3
Knife 2
Crucible and Tongs 1
Glassblower's Toolkit 2
Weaver's Toolkit 3

The Merchant only wants to trade with settlements that are registered as trade settlements as he does not trust any other. Those that want to register as such a trade settlement or any other settlement sort, can do that at the market day with the Clerk. (Be sure to have enough screenshots of all the requirements that can be found on our title page here)

Trade Camp can export for 150 silver coins worth.

Market Town can export for 300 silver coins worth.

Free City can export for 400 silver coins worth.

City State can export for 500 silver coins worth.

Market day will take place at this sunday (16/9/2018) at 20:00 CEST in Port Seagaard.