RPCLIF 2.0 is coming!

By Lulu - Posted Jan 17, 19

We’re launching the 19th of January at 8 PM UTC. This is not just another new iteration on RPCLIF, but a setting stone for a server standard we all want to see carried over into the future of this community. With that in mind our entire website and content will be going through a fluent overhaul over the next month - so please be patient with us in regards to sharing information! We will make sure you’re notified when the information is up on the website. However, we will share some spoilers right here! To those of you more eager to learn about the upcoming iteration, go read our iteration introduction!

There are made both changes to our war system, custom faction system and economy, for example every player tha joins after the launch on the 19th of January will recieve 50 silver coins to start out with. This is bound to your account, and not character. Besides this we are reintroducing the Nobility Title System, and we are adding two entirely new concepts, one of them being the Bounty & Trial system.

But what we’re super eager to launch is the Central City Concept.

This means that every unguilded player may choose to spend their coins on purchasing a lot within the Central City. The City is heavily dependent on the players that inhabit it. As these will ultimately be shaping the city environment together, both through their own plots of land, but also the roleplay within and design of the city itself. 

What are the Pros & Cons to living in the City?

  • You are not allowed to be part of, or lead a Guild (this in a strictly game-mechanical fashion).
  • You can not claim nobility Titles - this requires a Guild & Guild Claim.
  • You can not declare Wars - this requires a Guild.
  • You may create a Custom Player Faction, as long as the prerequisites are followed.
  • A plot of land in the City may house max. 3 characters.
  • A plot of land costs 50 Silver Coins to obtain - but requires no monument upkeep.
  • When living in the City, you may be requested to help build it.
  • You are never far from roleplay with others, both the peaceful and troublesome!
  • There is no KoS in the City Zone, but every individual plot of land will have an equal raid timer to those of entire Guild Claims.

You can sign up now to reserve a plot of land in Rivera already! We all hope to see you join us this saturday for a brand new adventure!