The Future of RPCLIF

By Nick - Posted Dec 10, 18

Greetings roleplayers!

We’d like to take a moment to begin a serious conversation about the state and future of this server. We, the GM team, are not satisfied with the current state of the server and from what we’ve seen in discord and on the forums, neither are you. The server has deteriorated to a point which is not conducive to good roleplay or player experience. We recognize that it’s state is in no small part due to the instability and lack of coordination on the GM team. We can confidently say we’ve rectified our internal problems, and we are determined to ensure that RPCLiF resurges and enters a new era.

    Going forward, our priority is to completely restore and rebuild RPCLiF from the ground up, while still maintaining the essence of what made RPCLiF great in the first place. We will be focusing our entire team’s energy into this endeavour. This means, we will not be starting up any storylines for the continued timeline of Danesh, but will of course still be available for reports and bug fixes. We encourage players to still enjoy their time in Danesh by continuing their own stories.

    That being said, the coming iteration will be executed to the standard that we wish to set for ourselves going forward. What you can expect is the following:

  1. An Engaging and Active Storyline.
  2. Weekly Storyline Events.
  3. Random RP Events and Encounters.
  4. Weekly Market Days.
  5. Reworked Features & Systems (such as the War System).
  6. Reworked Rules.
  7. Website Overhaul.
  8. Most Importantly, better Communication from the GM Team to you.

    The purpose of these changes is to provide an overall more enjoyable experience on RPCLIF. We will be rolling out these changes to prepare a strong foundation for our next iteration, which will arrive around the second week in January. We hope to involve community suggestions, feedback, and discussions along each step in order to ensure that we produce the RPCLiF you want to be a part of. Keep an eye out on discord and the forums as we’ll be communicating our progress and asking for input from the community. As of this announcement we will be creating an AMA channel on the RPCLiF discord (#gm-ama) where you can literally ask us anything you’d like.

    We thank you for your patience, we know that without you we would not be here. We are proud to say that after our GM meeting there is no doubt in our minds that we have reached a whole new level of energy in resurging RPCLiF and taking it into a new era with you at our sides.