Summer is Coming

By Lulu - Posted Nov 10, 18

The settlers of Danesh had all but survived their first “winter” - for it was nothing like they knew from their homelands, and seemed surprisingly easy. Here there was no snow, nor frost to hinder and wither their crops, and the lands seemed to stand even more lush than ever in these last many months. When spring came the settlers once more had to realize that they knew nothing of the lands, they had chosen to inhabit.


As May slowly passed, moving into the months of summer, it was evident that the weather grew even warmer, once more, the days became longer and far more scorching under the clear skies. However, the natives of the land knew of a quite different story about to unfold, they knew the summer was coming, and this did not bode well for their crops. As by the watchful and giving eye of Animath, the sun would burn almost constantly, clearing the lands of it’s waste, before a new fruitful and bountiful rain season began.

OOC: This is a warning that you can expect the late summer months on this iteration to be futile in terms of crops.