First Market of Bazhu!

By Thormyr - Posted May 13, 18

*A man can be seen just outside the gates of Bazhu ringing a large bell, announcing that the first official Market of Iruka has begun!*

Citizens of Bazhu!

Gather with us to celebrate the first official Market Opening in the port of Iruka!  The Golden Compass Eastern Trade Company sends their finest traders eager to buy quality wares of every type.  John B. Macklemore III, the head trader, will also be holding a special auction, sure to reveal valuable items for the right price!  So bring your coin purse down to Port Iruka at 22:00 CEST (4:00 PM EST) and claim your riches!

The following goods will be available for export:

All prices are PER SINGLE ITEM.

Item Coin
Linen Hanks 2s
Thick leather 15s
Thin leather 10s
Simple Clothing 20s
Horse 75s
Vegetables 5c
Gold Ingot 30s
Silver Ingot 20s
Copper Ingot 14s
Iron bar 8s
Iron ingot 12s
Bardiche 15s
Broad Axe 15s
Claymore 20s
Novice Plate Set 40s
Regular Plate Set 55s
Novice Leather Set 30s
Regular Leather set 50s
Novice Scale Set 35s
Regular Scale Set 45s
Novice Chain Set 35s
Regular Chain Set 45s
1 handed swords 15s
1 handed axes 10s
Shields 10s
Metal tools 10s