RPCLiF Launch

By Brother - Posted Nov 13, 17

Life is Feudal Release Date: November 17th

Greetings! Whether you played with us on our very first iteration, or are new to the community entirely, you are cordially invited to join us for the soft launch of Life is Feudal MMO. It’s FREE to all owners of LiF:YO and (finally) allows us to move forward with storylines in a persistent world.

RPCLiF’s mission remains the same as it has previously, to collectively facilitate the most player-centered and roleplay-oriented community that Life is Feudal has to offer. Join us in settling near likeminded players in the Ridgeline Alliance


*A map etched in fine dye unravels on the table before you*


Partnered Communities

RPCLiF has partnered with two other large RP-Oriented communities from LiF:YO, Roleplay Brasil and Sanctuary, to offer the most centralized area for fair and open gameplay on the MMO. All three communities are urging friendly players to come Northeast to settle with those who share interests in developing meaningful characters with server-wide events, lore, and story arches.

Partnered Guilds and Recruitment

BlackThorne Keep
The Kingdom of Corteim
Crimson Cove
New Fairbreeze
Nova Rothward
Band of the Red Hand
The Valian Order
Kingdom of the Blood Oaks

And more to come!

Additional Information

Feel free to reach out to Brother here on the site or the Discord Server