A portly man in fine clothing stands at the center of Rivera, his attire is of someone coming from wealth, or at least that’s the impression that is given; bright blue linen-pantaloons that cuff perfectly at his ankles and waist, accompanying a white shirt underneath a golden vest bearing the crest of the Ulvbane family. Beside the man is a wooden stand containing a stack of pamphlets, making sure that it’s all setup, the crier clears his throat as he yells at the hour of mid-day, his public announcement:

“Citizens of Rivera! Come and listen! I’ve brought good tidings from my lord, Steward Alarilak Ulvbane of Valorwind. It is his strong belief that the current war against the tyrannically Queen will be swiftly ended under the combined forces of the Duke led by standing Marshal Tankred. Thus he has returned from the war front to build an office in the western side of Rivera and offers his aid and counsel to all citizens.

He wishes bring life back into the city and the surrounding areas through socialite gatherings and entertainment. On these pamphlets are upcoming ideas and events! Until then, Lord Al has an enacted an open door policy for any citizen, stop by his office for a friendly visit, or for any official business!”


“Five Points of Rivera”

Here I write what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard of the city, Rivera. It’s not news that the city has undergone some turmoil with bandits, the leaving of many citizens and the odd events that happened with the Drake estate. Regardless, we cannot simply sit behind our doors while the city rots eventually destroying the very idea that many came to this island with. I wish to illustrate several ideas for the city, and would love to hear any other ideas or criticisms that citizens may have in the form of a letter, or a personal meeting.

1. The Brawler’s Tavern, a tavern just outside of Rivera’s city limits across the western bridge, a place for citizens to get away from the bustle of the city to the mountains of Valorwind, where they can enjoy warm food and good drink, while just outside is an arena for weekly fight nights, where citizens may watch combatants battle for rewards and glory!

2. Mayor, a chosen elective by the people of the city, this person must be active in the community, they lead by example and help bring matters to nobility that citizens may be afraid to bring to their superiors. Also the mayor can decide on matters on the spot for citizens, giving some order to their lives. [on the topic of mayor, only those with actual property in Rivera, living presently can vote, despite everyone being subjects of the duke, people who actually live in the city should have the most influence in their day-to-day lives.]

3. Weekly jobs and contests for citizens to earn coin outside of their trade and war.

4. Treasure hunting expeditions led by the Explorers Guild. Some speak of a current treasure awaiting in the western part of an island, deep in the mountains it’s said there are dwarves.

5. Lastly to extend the city limits to the newest expansion out of Valorwind, more land and opportunities can be provided to citizens.



I would like to start hosting social events throughout the week as I’ve noticed there is hardly anything to do through the week while we wait for these major server events. In the meantime, I would like to start hosting events on Wednesday-Friday at 12PM EST / 4PM UTC. I’ll be looking to host my first event sometime this week, but I just wanted to see what interest this might bring.

In addition, I wish to invite people to come to Valorwind just to come RP, I’ll provide a fun little RP environment.