Honuhrel the Peacemaker

Nickname: Hony
Age: 23.
Gender: Female.
Race: Khoor.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145lbs, alternatively 10.3 stones.
Hair: Long, ink dark, sports the occasional fringe but otherwise keeps it uniform, wears it down and rarely puts it up.
Eyes: Deepest brown, nearly black. There is a faint silver rim around her pupils, which are slightly oval in shape.
Skin: Pale and freckled at the shoulder.

Title: None earned.
Alignment: Chaotic good.
Profession: Healer and poison master.
Birthplace: Arendor.

Clothes: Her clothes are mostly layers and wraps of vibrant colors, some are thickly woven and others are fine silk gifted by her dear friend Dagny Almstedt. She can be seen in winter time with furs stuffed between for warmth. She wears most of her clothing low on the shoulder, exposing more of her chest.
Hygiene: Bordering extreme, the woman always smells of soap and herbs.
Voice: Scratchy and soft.
Tattoos/Scars: Three claws across the face, from left shoulder across collarbone and various bites and deep scars.
Disabilities/Illness: None known.
Physical Flaws: A cleft lip, showing a bit of her gum, the line of her cleft goes up her right nostril, she covers this in winter.
Physical Qualities: A woman of curves, her bosom is ample and hips are none too shy either. Beneath is modest strength and

Family Heritage: All that is mentioned of her family history is her past with raising komodo dragons for fighting pits and poisons. Her father is believed to have been an affluent breeder in the past. She claims her parents are dead.
Political Alignment: True neutral. Honuhrel desires peace and agreement.
Faith/Deities: She prays, but to which God, one would have to pry hard to get an answer.

Strengths: Reasonably wise in council of war and communication. A fast thinker, imaginative in ways that most may not be. Not often clouded by feelings.
Personality: Honuhrel is friendly to all and heals when asked. However, when conflict arises one is quick to see another side of her that wants to end things quickly. She is an observer, a calculative woman who seeks solutions over the chaos. Peace is a large priority for her, and when her allies are thrown into discord, the thinker arises, the solver does... by any means necessary.
Fears/Insecurities/Phobias: She does not enjoy being touched. Honuhrel is fine wraping others and healing. Even the slightest touch sends her into a shell that takes some time to get out of.
Short Term Goals: To establish herself in Øksfalde. To protect her friend Dagny and any her friend finds favor in.
Long Term Goals: To be seen as a healer that is both trusted and has reputation enough to garner fear and respect. She looks to live peacefully with those she protects.