The Settlement of Toringarde
Toringarde is the Home of Mercenaries of the Sword Arm, and those of Trade Skills. But not only do those that live there offer you their skills for coin or barter. The town is also open to those who want the safety of a settlement that holds only one Loyalty. That is to the Duke of Rivera.

Toringarde does not do any bussiness with bandits or thieves. All contracts of the sword are to be of just causes. And all contracts we can offer range from:
Escorts-Guard-Seiges, Wars, Battles, etc- To our Trades Skills-Building/Farming/Forester/ and so on.

We are still in the build up stages and are not ready for Full on contracts. But We plan to be the light for those that feel all is lost and could swing the battle or war in their Favor. Or even those that have lots to trade or Coin to pay, can purchase our help in any way to help build up their settlement or home.

We are also always looking for more to join our Ranks.