The terminology of our rules

On this page you will find the terminology of our rules. This is how we interpret the words of our rules. It will also contain cases we have ruled upon that were about the terminology. If you do not see a word on here explained or if you think we should interpret a word/sentence differently, you can suggest this on the forums here or on the suggestions channel in our Discord channel.

About the rules:

The spirit of roleplay: Changing your normal behaviour where you conciously act out an adopted role.

Warning: Warnings are usually given out to people who are a first offender to one of our rules, though some rules have their own procedure to whether or not a warning should be handed out. We do this to give people another chance in our server and when we hand a warning out, we usually refer them back to our rules page to have another look at it.

Temporarily banned: Some rules allow us to temporarily ban someone, this includes temporarily banning someone for not being able to be contacted or when the interests of the server is in danger. A temporarily ban is not linked to a specific amount of hours/days, but is linked to a demand that needs to be fullfilled before being able to get unbanned. Until then, the person will stay temporarily banned.

Spawning in items or adjusting skills: We have a very strict policy on returning items or adjusting skills. So far we have only given items back to people that were the victim of a rulebreak and lost items and to people that lost items due to technical problems. Skills have never been adjusted for PC players.

Gameplay rules:

Respectful Community: A safe environment where each person is respected as a unique and contributing member of the community.

Griefing: Purposefully sabotaging, destroying, claiming important ores or otherwise gaining a significant advantage that is not in the spirit of roleplay.

Harassment: Comes down to common sense and knowing who your opposing party OOCly is. If you dont really know the person you are talking to, then a bit of vulgar language is allowed, but no extreme abusive language that is not accepted in this day and age.

Metagaming: Any strategy, action or method used in-game, which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game.

Godgaming: Enforcing your RP on another player where the other player is not in control over his own destiny anymore.

Player: A physical person.

Name: Names for characters, guilds and other organizations.

Recruitment: Any advertisement that is aimed at joining or working together with any other character, guild or other organization.

Simple auto-clicker: Auto-clickers that only perform one action at a time.

Reasonable amount of wares: Wares that have a certain value relative to the period that you stayed within the guild/settlement.

Combat rules:

Combat: Any form of hostile behaviour from at least 1 person. This can be, but is not limited to, slashing with any weapon, throwing any weapon, shooting arrows/bolts, deliberately hitting people with a horse, making any gesture with any tool or weapon that might lead up to an injury. Dueling or practising will also be defined as combat. Shouts or calling trespasser on someone is also considered to be under combat as it opens the suggestion for combat.

Mutual Roleplay: A conversation in the local text chat between atleast 2 players, where both players are talking about the same subject.

Reasonable demands: Demands that should be fullfillable by the person it is demanded from.

Night: The time frame between nightfall and morning lag.

Immune: Cannot be attacked or involved by others in combat.

Reaction: Equipping a weapon, fleeing, praying, attacking, dropping anything on the ground or mounting a horse counts as a reaction.

Reasonable amount of time: Giving the player enough time in the current situation to communicate back to you. Usually this is around 2 minutes.

Realistically stacked: Objects stacked in such a way that it would not fall over IRL.

PvP encounter: An encounter where 2 or more players are going into combat with each other. This also includes training with each other.

Claim: The actual settlement itself with a monument in its middle. This can be a guild or private monument.

Mortally wounded: You are not permitted to engage in any kind of PvP. This also includes not defending yourself.

Assist a combat situation: Including but not limited to: Calling Trespassers, shouting, transporting gear, opening gates.

Combat logging: Logging out of the game whilst being in combat.

Combat situation: A situation where combat is still ensuing or where it is likely that it will ensue in the near future.


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