**A well-rested Arthur Delawyn eases into the chair in front of his desk. He recalls all the good times and the bad that occurred since his arrival on Danesh, and before he knew it he had taken out a piece of parchment, dipped his quill in ink and began a letter addressed to Lord Ashwarden...**

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**Upon its completion, he folds it neatly sealing it with wax before handing it to a messager aboard the A.M.S. Biddeford, which would see to it that the letter was delivered in a timely manner.**

Over the years even with the most massive war in the history of Danesh, it would go on to become a major center of relations and trade between the Sebekian Empire and House Ashwarden, thus playing a vital role for House Ashwarden of Arendor. The Island would remain somewhat peaceful and would never truly see another war like that which nearly pummeled Deltora and the Sun Tribe into oblivion.

Duke Ashwarden was extremely pleased in the successful completion of the Port and the immense gold it brought in. After months of intense negotiations with the Sebekians, House Ashwarden would finally receive official, documented control of Danesh, as a center of commerce. Some people of Danesh would rejoice at the opportunity to work closer, and under the guidance of House Ashwarden, while others were far more skeptical - fearing another “tyrant” like that of the young Dartanion of Deltora.

Arthur Delawyn would be recalled to Arendor, having completed his assignment, he received a much needed leave to be with his family. Upon his departure an official Governor arrived and took leadership over that of the new Ashwarden Colony of Danesh.

With some of Danesh still somewhat weakened from internal conflicts, Governor Mayfield would work to ensure all people of Danesh, native or not, were fed and clothed, as there was much work to do to ensure Danesh was maintaining its role in Ashwarden’s future plans.

OOC: Our time on Danesh may have come to an end, but the overall story of what's to come is far from over! Some of it even shaped on Danesh. I hope you all enjoyed this and it helps give you some closure for Danesh. :)