Come one, come all to the first official opening of the Market of Dainan Port!  

Don't let the recent quarrels scare you, my dear traders, for there is still riches to be made in times of conflict!

The following list is distributed throughout inn's and taverns, portraying a clear list of items willing to be purchased by the trader.

Item Coin
Linen Cloth 7
Thick leather 15
Thin leather 10
Simple Clothing 20
Horse 75
Vegetables 5 copper
Gold Ingot 30
Silver Ingot 20
Copper Ingot 14
Iron bar 8
Iron ingot 12
Bardiche 15
Broad Axe 15
Claymore 20
Novice Plate Set 40
Regular Plate Set 55
Novice Leather Set 30
Regular Leather set 50
Novice Scale Set 35
Regular Scale Set 45
Novice Chain Set 35
Regular Chain Set 45
Heavy Chain Piece 30
Heavy Leather Piece 25
Heavy Scale Piece 30
Heavy Plate Piece 50
1 handed swords 15
1 handed axes 10
Regular Shields 10
Metal tools 10
Primitive Shields 5
Warhorse 85
Hardy Warhorse 110
Naphtha 5

Be aware that the Export Limits have been changed in a agreement coalition between the Golden Compass and Sheng-Chan Emporium.

Non-Guilded-Establishments can now export for 100 silver coins worth.*

Established Guilds can export for 200 silver coins worth.**

Masters can export for 400 silver coins worth.

Barons can export for 700 silver coins worth.

Counts can export for 1000 silver coins worth.

* This is for settlements who only own a player monument.
** Requires screenshot of Guild Monument + Member List that exceeds 1 member.

DaedalusKnox Is this just one sale per guild?
Johnny Was there a time announced? It was 8pm UTC last time.
Everal How is it even possible that there is no silk, or silk products on this list????