Good Free People of Nordur,

Gather close as I share with you my deepest secrets. It is told that Jarl Halladson of Fjell & the Njorliga Trade Guild are gathering men & women willing to venture into the unknown to enrich their families and honour the Gods. New land has been discovered in the Valkion Sea, and it is ready for the taking! The honourable explorer, Eyvald Skardsson, was the first to set foot on the rocky shores after a devastating storm. Even though he and his men only sought safety and repairs, they found something else entirely.

What did they find, you might ask? Gold? Silver? Honour to his Jarl?

Yes, and no.

They found a whole unclaimed island filled with mountains and ridges almost as tall as the spikes of Hardrgardr Wastes, forests deeper and thicker than Skjallvord itself, and plentiful stretches of hills and grassland ready for farming. Even in the peak of summer, blankets of mist roll in from the Valkion Sea leaving a familiar thick chill in the air. A true Slavard will feel right at home in this new land.

It is told that no man claims this island, but the Gods and their minions hide amongst its deceptively peaceful landscape. Eyvald himself has even seen Faelán - The Mother of Wolves - within the deep forests, and has heard the grumblings of Beinnrigh within the mountains. So hear me speak plain when I say that these lands are blessed but perilous for those who take the wrong step.

Danger is nothing unseen for the brave and free people of Nórdur. So join me on this venture, and let us together explore: Wyrmrokk.

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