New Iteration!

Brother posted 19 hours ago

The time has come again to begin anew. The Savartyn iteration was home to more than 2,000 players over the course of the last 2.5 months and the team is excited to build on all the ideas, stories, and feedback gathered in that time. We’ve been hard at work preparing for this new iteration and are now ready to begin unveiling some of our efforts, which include a NEW fully custom map, an overhauled title and settlement mechanic, and an overarching narrative arch to incentivize player interaction.

The shores will open on Saturday, October 21st. As always, we want all of your help in naming this new island and iteration. Please feel free to nominate names for the island in this thread , and check out the teaser for the storyarch we have planned:

A grizzled looking man stands upon the bow of a ship, staring intently into the distance as an island is slowly revealed by the retreating fog.  He takes a deep breath and slowly exhales, gathering his thoughts.  Slowly he turns around and looks to his crew upon the deck of the ship.  With a booming voice and hardened authority he addresses the crew.

“The old sailor’s stories of this island are nothing but superstition!  We will drop anchor and set out for shore.  Begin to set-up camp and move our supplies off of the ship.  Once the ship is emptied, tow it to shore.  We will use the ship as lumber to construct our first buildings.  Move it lads!  Move it!  You all knew what you signed up for when joining this expedition!”  ~Capt. Thorbjorn Selvig