We're back!

Subtext posted Mon at 5:09

After a five month break to explore Abella on the MMO, it's time for us to come home and give the old horse RPCLiF a swift kick in the rear to get trotting again.

On the 28th April, at 17:00 CEST (15:00 UTC) we will open the gates once more for an all new iteration.

We've already been hard at work to prepare the relaunch and - as always - we will have an all custom map, just for us.

Over the next days, we will unveil some of our new features here. There will be lots of things you are used to but also a couple things that might surprise even our veterans ;)

Stay tuned!

Picture property of Tom Scholes

The carriage driver curses while he veers off the road and almost crashes into ditch. Glaring at the grinning courier from Iruka he lets out a few expletives before taking a deep breath and backing up the cart onto the road.*

"You do that every time? Why don't you just ram me? Bayu!"

The courier smirks. "Calm down and get used to it, old man. It will get a bit more busy on the road... there is a new Zhuhou coming to the island soon!"

Mar yes people :d cant wait hope its a good iteration