First Events

Brother posted Sun at 13:52

Banner credit: Lulu Zealander

To celebrate the successful beginning of colonization on Savartyn, Magistrate Hayes hereby issues an invitation to all settlers for a Welcoming Feast and Inaugural Market Day at Pyre Watch Keep. Merchants, Holy Men, and Title Clerks will all be in attendance to administer and record the founding settlements and titles on Savartyn.

These events will be held beginning at 1:00pm ET, 18:00 GMT Sunday, August 20th

In other news, we're pleased to mention that RPCLiF has once again reached its donation goal - now funded through the next four months! Thank you to all of you who continue to provide support and enable RPCLiF to be fully community owned and operated. Your hours of time, support, and willingess to volunteer are the reasons we remain the longest standing Life is Feudal community. Here's to the months and years to come!